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And right in the center of it the word tsukumo was engraved in gold letters. Just in that moment, yuma s extra deck began glowing and yuma found a familiar card in there. As the girls told the teen, he agreed, and sensing no danger astral went back into the key, however not before hearing his little brother figure saying good night astral. Astral sighed again when yuma tripped over some stairs on the way up to the platform they should fight on. His head as well as his entire body ached and he quickly realized he barely had the energy to turn off the alarm clock. If they come naturally and unsought it is a different matter. In the heartland theme park, yuma with a little help from astral has managed to defeat captain corn in an amazing duel, but there is more challenges yet to come. This story takes place after keyshipping where astral wasnt feeling well. Yuma didnt have to work at the drive thru, or work with astral at all, since kari had only made astral work since he destroyed her car. Yugioh zexal astral moment with yuma awesome anime, anime love. The heartland duel arena rocks to the roars of the crowd as yuma, astral and shark prepare to face off against kaito. The numeron code is the ultimate objective of both factions as it decides the victor and destiny of all three worlds. An archive of our own, a project of the organization for transformative works. It consequently serves as the main conflict of yugioh.

A tribute to my favourite character of this anime and to the only reason why i started to watch the anime. Bad, i did not see yuma in the last book, and astral dissapaered in the third as of nothing, what a bat job. It wasnt so much of a bad feeling as it was different for the young teen. Each week i upload highdefinition requested screenshots from zexal, arcv and vrains. Tori explains to yuma about what happens last week. Yuma quickly curled himself into a ball, trying to hide himself. Zexal zearu is a miraculous force from the astral world in the yugioh. It turns out that astral s memories have been split into the ninetynine number cards that have scattered around heartland, carrying with them the threat of demonic possession. It shouldnt have been this weird for the blackhaired duelist considering all the moments they had experienced when astral was still a spirit alien thing from another dimension. Read revealing truth, sharks and puppeteers part 2.

While being utilized, the wielder is capable of performing the shining draw, which allows them to create and draw cards. In the beginning of the series, yuma s deck was very basic containing a random assortment of. The astral, by kate christensen, gets its title by way of its namesake, the astral building in brooklyn, new york. Zexal anime that is called upon by yuma tsukumo and astral, combining them into a single being. Yugioh zexalarc v one shot book completed astral x. Astral asutoraru is a being from the astral world in yugioh. Heartland is out to capture all of the powerful numbers cards and destroy astral s world. It also tells you what could hinder your ability to astral travel so you can eliminate that from your life. Faker, a number hunter, and one of the main characters who was gathering numbers for his father in order to help his formerly sick brother, hart tenjo, in yugioh. It was late afternoon and the sun was about to go down.

Tvguide has every full episode so you can stayuptodate and watch your favorite show yugioh. Its about a homeless girl who gets her life changed dramatically, when she meets yuma an. The blue figure swayed slightly prompting yuma to reach out to him. I cast a worried glance to them remembering what happened to the man from the mall and yuma glanced back also worried about it. There is a time when an eggshell can break and the chick emerge in comfort and safety. As such, yuma and his friends are their prime target, and the barian begin to slowly enter heartland city. When aspiring duelist yuma meets astral, a mysterious visitor from another world. Zexal follows the adventures of yuuma tsukumo in his hometown, the futuristic city of heartland.

Yuma sat down in his room, having defeated the bariens and astral going back to his world. I was cheering in happiness when yuma and astral, in zexal mode, won over this barian. Feeling nervous and wondering if he really was ready for this. Magician and the level 2 flelf he cant do anything at the moment so reluctantly yuma ends his turn. During nashs duel with yuma, marins soul appeared to support nash alongside those of the other emperors after nash overlaid their chaos overhundred numbers to create cxyz barian hope.

After a few moments, astral pulled off yumas night pants. Duelists, using devices called dgazers, can interact with their environment and their opponents as never before. Being unwilling to give up, yuma and astral merge into zexal ii, and bring out utopia ray and two new zexal weapons. Astral must have left it for me yuma concluded and smiled. Yuma tsukumos deck is a deck given to him by his father in the yugioh. They wish to gather the numbers and destroy the astral world to avoid their own worlds destruction. In a futuristic city, augmented reality duels are all the rage. Astral was floating up in the air beside him, and sighed deeply at yuma s carefree behavior. The interdimensional war is a series of prolonged hostilities between the astral world and the barian world, with the human world exploited as a battlefield. After yuma and astral s duel, rio, her brother and the other emperors were revived by the power of the numeron code. Astral projection is a technique that lets your soul explore the universe while leaving your body behind. Another zexal fandub i did with my voice actress for kotori to do some more practice with yuma s more emotional moments, this is the scene of when yuma almost lost to kaito in their first duel and. This book has all of the information you need in order to start astral travelling. Ive only apd 3 or 4 times depending on what you would deem as a successful ap.

What i like about this book is that this is a revised edition filled with ton of new information and insights how astral projection really works. Seven legendary number cards are hidden throughout the cosmos, each holding a key to unlocking the ultimate power of the universe. Yuma though, he wanted to be wherever astral was, and he wanted to help astral. It has been nearly two years since he had won his very first duel. If you want something as comprehensive as it is informative i suggest you check this book out. An astral projection technique for beginners to start with, find a relaxed environment and sit or lay comfortably. These creations can be so perfect as to be indistinguishable from reality. Yuma and astral must find them before the evil barians do for whoever wields this force can use it to save the galaxy or destroy it. The war concluded with the death of the barian deity don. In the last moments even i was worried if they could pull it off and win. As numbers can only be destroyed by other number cards, yuma agrees to help astral in retrieving his lost memories and saving the citizens of heartland. This book is accurate on how to astral project and it is very detailed about what you can encounter while astral projecting.

Cy and i was gradually getting better now that astral was free from the sphere. This building houses the protagonist of this book, an aging poet named harry quirk. At this moment, the bond between the two brothers kicks in and gives kaito a shiny turns. He looked at his deck of cards he had with him for a long time. Yuma twiddled with his fingers as he sat in thought. In the meantime, astral had returned to yuma and they both looked at each other. Later at night, yuma, astral, and tori meet kites younger brother hart tenjo. He later vanished after losing to yuma in a duel that had the human, astral and.

Astral quickly exited the key, and was temporarily viable to others besides yuma, including nistro and dextra, who stated that astral is the original number. Meanwhile, vector watches on from a hidden vantage point, believing that yuma and astral would lose the duel, although it would be interesting to watch it happen. As we are publishing authors from across the globe, astral international p ltd. Astral and yuma were the first friends that iliana made when she started. Yuma and astral yu gi oh 5ds, yo gi oh, yu gi oh zexal. Whats the worst and the best yugioh protagonist in your. One of the last moments of awesome in the series has to be yuma s duel with astral in episodes 144146. Other sellers mentioned that it can be very scary, but this book contains facts that are reasonable to why it is scary. Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Yes, so lets do this yuma replied and him and astral build the overlay network. In the note we got from trey, he had told us, most likely yuma, to meet him at some specific. Astral did what yuma asked and used his powers to teleport them to yuma s room.

Yugioh zexal fan art yuma and astral sadness moment anime. Tori was dancing beside me and was just as happy as i was. After school, yuma was talking to his friends when art stanley, head of the comic book. After a moment of hesitation, astral pushed himself into a sitting position, his arms wrapped around his belly. The complete book of outofbody experiences by robert bruce. It is extremely sensitive to thought and can be moulded into any shape or form. Richard includes twelve techniques for astral travel. Yuma saying his catchphrase underwater and nearly drowning in the dub of the second episode where yuma meets astral, the exchanges between him and yuma are hilarious throughout pretty much the whole thing, from yuma calling astral captain obvious to astral making his first observation which is, basically, that yuma is a really bad duelist. Astral pulls no punches in their duel using various rankup magics to pull out the various forms of hope and yet yuma is countering everything thrown at him. Merry christmas everyone i recently made a christmas poll and the winner is yugioh zexal 2 moment. There is a quote from the book, to all the intrepid explorers of the unknown. See more ideas about yu gi oh zexal, anime and dearly beloved.

On his search for it he threw several items out of the closet onto the ground. At first, yuma reluctantly began to work with astral to hunt down the numbers. The protagonist of the series, yuma is a thirteen yearold middleschooler. From what i know, we cannot see these astral entities whilst in our physical bodies due to our vibrational differences. Concerned, astral began to rub yumas back and stomach. Flip steals yumas utopia, causing astral to vanish. Yuma was right behind me by some inches, but sadly bronk, who was on his skateboard by the way and i found that hardly fair, was in front of both of us. He was sent to the human world by eliphas to destroy the barian world in order to rankup their world, but after.

Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. In the dub of the second episode where yuma meets astral, the exchanges. Now ive recently started getting into astral projection and have been learning a lot about the astral planes, astral entities etc. Yuma and astral must find them before the evil barians do for whoever wields this force can use it to save the galaxy. However, at this moment, vector emerged from a portal and possessed dr.

Always pushing himself to the limit in order to prove himself, yuuma soon finds. He flipped through the comic book, starting with the first chapter. No one loves dueling more than yuma tsukumo, but unfortunately for him, no one is. The astral dimension is composed of astral matter and is aptly described as mind stuff. Suddenly out of nowhere, a comic book showed up, and he was influenced the moment he touched it. He found it difficult to breathe through his stuffy nose yuma. Yuma astral with images yugioh, astral, yu gi oh zexal. Just like they did last time in the duel with kite. Shot book yu gi oh zexal monster cards miraclous ladybug. In my opinion, i think this is the most sweetest moment in yugioh zexal. Come and learn the secret techniques needed for these out of body experiences in astral projection. As they prepare to head off with their friends to astral world to face off against a new threat, their hands are already clasped together as they fly through the sky, but kotori takes the moment as they head into the next danger and outright declares she loves yuma and his smile.

Running his hand down yumas chest slowly and rubbing his covered manhood. Yuma peeped open one eye and scowled when he saw astral watching him wistfully. Main charactersnote yuma tsukumo, astral, shark, kaito tenjo kite tenjo, kotori mizuki tori. His monsters have repetitive names like gagaga and gogogo and their effects often assist in xyz summoning. As the first robin, dick grayson was the most famous sidekick in comic book history. Back there yuma jumped to his closet and pulled it open.

Yuuma is an amateur duelist who wants to become the worlds greatest duel monsters champion, having learned the basics of dueling from his father who disappeared long ago under mysterious circumstances. Astral deduced the current duel before him, and helped yuma win against nistro and dextra. The cover of the book was made from dark brown leather. Joseph chilton pearce, the crack in the cosmic egg.

Zexal that serves as the deuteragonist of the series along with his partner and eventual friend yuma tsukumo. If you have a problem then there is something wrong with. Fortunately for yuma astral and kotori, akari chalkedup yuma speak astral as yuma was still had some anesthesia in his system. Search the worlds most comprehensive index of fulltext books. Yugo x rin moment ruri and kaito yugioh arcv 116 duration. Its possible to do this either laying down in bed or sitting in an armchair, there are even people who can do it while walking around but this takes a lot of skill. With more awesome monsters and unbelievable cards, the future of yugioh. Rio is later revealed to be marin merag, meragu in the japanese version, a member of the seven barian emperors, who became determined to. Although a number of authors give methods for inducing astral projections, the present writer considers that, in general, these or any other psychic experiences, should not be forced in any way. School shenanigans chapter 2 thescoundrelcookie yugi.

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